Amendment II

Article IV. Election


Section 2. Elections for the President and for members of the Board of Directors shall be conducted together in early January of every other year. The election may occur at the plenary meeting or by correspondence.


Section 3. The Board will organize an Election Committee of three members who are either the retiring President or Board Member or any member who won’t run for the coming election. The Election Committee will be responsible for checking the nominees’ and nominators’ membership to verify their candidacy, confirming with nominees by the deadline about their final decision to be on the ballot, collecting the biography and election statement of all the candidates and posting them 20-30 days before the election, and designing ballot.


Section 4. Nominators and nominees for CHUS officers must be current CHUS members. Any CHUS current members can nominate or self-nominate before the set deadline. One CHUS member can be nominated for only one of the positions.


Section 5. The Board will find two volunteers to gather and count all the ballots which shall be verified later by the Board for announcement. A vote is valid only if it is cast by the current qualifying CHUS member and only if the number of the names chosen on the ballot does not exceed the number of the officers to be elected.


Section 6. If the candidates for the same position got even votes, the Election Committee shall call another round of vote to choose one of the candidates for the position. If the result of the second round of vote is still evenly split between the candidates, the current Board shall cast its vote to settle the contest.


Section 7. The CHUS members could initiate a policy or a program for CHUS if they can get signatures of ten or more members for their initiative, which to be approved either by the sitting Board or a majority vote of the members.


Section 8. The sitting President or Board Members could be removed or recalled by a majority vote of the members from his/her office before the expiration of the term without cause.


Section 9. A referendum over some major controversial issue shall take place if it’s proposed by the Board or by at least one-third of all the members.