Digital Humanities in the Classroom

Dear Colleagues,

We’re thrilled to invite you to participate in the “Digital Humanities in the Classroom” online workshop, organized by the Chinese Historians in the United States (CHUS). This event is specifically designed for professionals like you who are keen on exploring the transformative potential of digital humanities in higher education.

As technology becomes increasingly important in our daily lives, incorporating digital tools with humanities education can really make teaching and learning more engaging and interactive. This is not just a trend; it is a pathway to innovative education. Our three speakers, each at different stages in their careers, bring a wide array of experiences and perspectives to the table.  Their discussion will include topics such as practical strategies for employing digital humanities in everyday teaching, the impact of these tools on student engagement and learning, and meta-level reflections on the state of digital humanities in East Asian studies. 

Whether you are a student, an emerging scholar, or an experienced academic, this workshop promises valuable insights and inspiration from our speakers’ innovative experiences with digital tools in both in-person and online classroom settings. 


Dr. Yi Ren

Our speakers:

Dr. Lik Hang Tsui (徐力恆) is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chinese and History at the City University of Hong Kong. Prior to joining CityU, he worked as a Departmental Lecturer at Oxford, and a Postdoctoral Fellow at Harvard University with the China Biographical Database (CBDB). He specializes in researching middle period China and digital humanities. He convenes the Digital Society research cluster in his faculty to promote interdisciplinary research.

Dr. Paula R. Curtis is a historian of medieval Japan and an active participant in digital communities in and beyond East Asian Studies. She is presently the Yanai Initiative Postdoctoral Fellow with the Department of Asian Languages & Cultures at the University of California, Los Angeles. She is Operations Leader for Japan Past & Present, a global information hub and repository that promotes research and teaching in the Japanese humanities across disciplinary, temporal, and geographic borders.

Shu Wan is a doctoral student in history at the University of Buffalo. He is a digital and disability historian who serves on the editorial teams of Digital Humanities Quarterly and Nursing Clio. He has published and presented numerous articles on the application of digital humanities in academic research and teaching.

The Birth of Authorship in Shiji: A Hermeneutic Perspective

《史记》作者的诞生: 阐释学角度新论

杨蕾,美国卡尔顿⼤学 (Carleton College) 亚洲语⾔⽂学系助理教授, 2011 年硕⼠毕业于马萨诸塞州安城分校(University of Massachusetts-Amherst)亚洲语⾔⽂化系,2016 年博⼠毕业于宾⼣法尼亚⼤ (University of Pennsylvania) 东亚语⾔与⽂明系,曾获得2016-2017年度哥伦比亚⼤学唐氏早期中国研究中⼼博⼠后研究基⾦。研究⽅向主要为历史编纂、中外叙事学理论,秦汉⽂本与⽂学等。

蔡亮,美国康奈尔大学(Cornell University)博士,现任圣母诺特丹大学历史系副教授。2012-2013年任剑桥大学沃福森学院客座研究员, 2015 春季任斯坦佛大学访问学者。
其致力于中国思想史政治历史研究,著作聚焦于秦汉帝国, 数字化重构史料,灾异学说,汉代法制史,儒生与官僚体系的互动。其专著《巫蛊之乱与儒家帝国的兴起》Witchcraft and the Rise of the First Confucian Empire 用统计的方法重新阐释史料,提倡摒弃线形的阅读习惯,利用数据化的史料重构文本中的多声部多维度叙事。其对秦汉历史的改写在欧美学界产巨大影响,专著书评见于 《美国历史评论》(The American Historical Review) 《英国皇家亚洲学会杂志》(The Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society) 等历史学界亚洲研究学界十几种重要期刊上。 并获得美国中国历史学家学会优秀学术奖, 美国宗教学协会2015年宗教历史最佳首本著作候选奖(finalist of 2015 Best First Book in the History of Religions, presented by the American Academy of Religion)。参与编写的英文著作Varieties of Religious Invention, 由牛津大学出版社2015出版。其在获得了各种科研教学奖。在国内外核心期刊上发表了数十篇学术篇论文,其中包括发表于《中 國 史 研 究》的《 政治權力綁架下的天人感應災異說 (公元前206 年–公元8 年),《美国东方学会会刊》the Journal of American Oriental Society 上的《西汉经学传承的考古学研究》“Excavating the Genealogy of Classical Studies in the Western Han Dynasty (206BCE-8 CE)”;《早期中国》Early China 的《儒生,社会关系网路,和官僚体系: 聚焦于西汉东海高层官员》“Confucians, Social Networks, and Bureaucracy: Donghai 東海Men and Models for Success in the Western Han China (206 BCE–9 CE)”。

Toward a New History of the Shanxi Merchants: New Sources, New Approaches, and a New Understanding (山西商人史新探:新史料、新角度及新认知)

喬志健 (George Qiao), 江蘇盛澤人。 從復旦大學中文系古典文學專業畢業後,他在斯坦福大學歷史系獲博士學位,師從蘇成捷 (Matthew Sommer) 教授研究清代社會經濟史。他現在是阿默斯特學院歷史系與東亞語言文化系助理教授。他目前正在完成他的第一部學術專著,此書將以邊疆的視角來探討清代晉商的興衰,並以此來觀察邊疆貿易對清代中國商業與社會的影響。