Call for Proposals for AHA 2023

2023 CHUS Annual Meeting at AHA Call for Proposals

Dr. Qiong Zhang, CHUS Conference Coordinator (

The CHUS board cordially invites our members to submit complete panel proposals to be included as CHUS-sponsored panels at the 2023 AHA Annual Meeting, which will be held in Philadelphia from January 5 to 8, 2023.

Panels can follow either of two formats: 1) a paper panel, consisting of three or four presenters, a chair, and a commentator; or 2) a roundtable with a chair and 3-6 participants.  Topics may concern any fields of historical scholarship, historiography, and pedagogy.  We encourage panel organizers to consider inviting a mix of participants at different stages of their career, especially our student members.  While in principle participation in a CHUS-sponsored panel at the AHA requires CHUS membership, non-CHUS members are most welcome to join the panel, though a conference fee of $40 will be charged.  This fee will be waived for student presenters and for those non-members who participate in our panels in a service capacity (namely, as chair or commentator). 

Panel proposals are due to Qiong Zhang at on April 20, 2022. A complete panel proposal must include the following:

 1) information about the panel itself:

A. Panel Title (no more than 20 words); B. For a paper panel, a brief panel description of up to 150 words and panelists’ paper abstracts (200-250 words each). The panel description should highlight the focus and significance of the proposed panel and the thematic resonances among the different papers. A paper abstract must reflect adequately the specific subject-matter of the paper and the core scholarly contribution it intends to make. C. For a roundtable, please include a roundtable description of about 250 words, stating the specific topic to be addressed and the way in which each participant is expected to contribute to the conversation.

2) Information about all panel participants (including chair and commentators): mailing address; email address; phone number; and institutional affiliation, if any.

We kindly ask our members to please limit your total appearances in the meeting program to two panels and limit your service roles (namely, as chairs or commentators) to one panel only, if possible.  Exceptions may be made in outstanding circumstances, such as when a chair or commentator on our program is unable to attend the conference and you are asked to take over their responsibilities on top of your own pre-scheduled duties.  This is a change of rule from previous years; it is introduced to facilitate the AHA scheduling of our panels. Panel organizers please take note of this change and verify the availability of your potential co-panelists, chairs, and discussants given this new rule.

CHUS-Sponsored Panels at the AHA are not only a venue of scholarly exchange for CHUS members but also a platform on which CHUS members showcase our scholarship and interact with colleagues in the wider AHA community.  Thus, it is paramount that our panelists uphold the academic integrity and professional standards of CHUS.  Once a panel has been accepted into our AHA-CHUS annual meeting program, all individuals, members and non-members alike, who participate in it as panelists, discussant, or chair must fulfill their obligations as stated in the proposal and attend the conference. In the event that an illness or other emergencies prevents a panel participant from attending the meeting, the absentees must inform their panel organizers and the CHUS conference coordinator (Qiong Zhang of their situations at the earliest possible time and make arrangement for a co-panelist or some other conference participant to deliver papers or comments or chairing a panel on their behalf.  Failure to do so will result in a 3-year suspension from CHUS-organized AHA panels.

We regret that we will not be able to accept individual paper proposals.  However, if you wish to present a paper and are looking for co-panelists, please let us know, and we would be happy to circulate your “call for co-panelists” using CHUS group emails and our social media outlets.