Talks and Workshops

CHUS “History Matters” Lecture Series

May 3, 2024, “The Birth of Authorship in Shiji: A Hermeneutic Perspective (《史记》作者的诞生: 阐释学角度新论)” (Dr. Lei Yang)

March 30, 2024, “Toward a New History of the Shanxi Merchants: New Sources, New Approaches, and a New Understanding (山西商人史新探:新史料、新角度及新认知)” (Dr. George Zhijian Qiao)

March 1, 2024, Rhetoric Versus Reality: Women’s Liberation and Urban Neighborhood Workshops in Mao’s China (解放妇女劳动力和城市街道集体事业, 1958-1978)” (Dr. Hanchao Lu)

October 7, 2023, “Trans-Pacific Networks: Revolution, Religion, and Trans-cultural Communication (革命与宗教:一场跨太平洋的历史文化交流)” (Drs. Zhongping Chen and Aihua Zhang)

June 24, 2023, 探索知识的边界: 学术人士的使命与挑战 (Dr. Xin Zhang)

April 1, 2023, “The Master in Bondage: Factory Workers in China, 1949-2019 (Dr. Huaiyin Li)

April 23, 2022, “Paul Robeson, “The Black King of Songs” and China (Dr. Yunxiang Gao)

February 19, 2022, “国际体育与中国和世界” (Dr. Guoqi Xu)

CHUS Workshops

May 13, 2024, Digital Humanities in the Classroom (Dr. Lik Hang Tsui, Dr. Paula R. Curtis, Shu Wan)

November 16, 2023, From Dissertation to Print: Writing and Publishing the First Book (Qin Higley, En Li and Di Luo)

April 14, 2023, Career Launchpad: Navigating the Job Market in Academia (Drs. Sarah Chang, Dingru Huang, and Sarah Yu)

October 22, 2022, Forum on Publication, “学问的出版与出版的学问:在美国出书的酸甜苦辣” (Drs. Zhaohui Hong, Xiaobing Li, and Ping Yao)