Call for Papers: The Summer 2018 Joint Conference at Univ. of Macao:
“The Imagined Community: Historical link between Past China and Present China”

Sponsors: Department of History, University of Macao, and the Chinese Historians in the
United States (CHUS)
Date: TBA (Between May 20-31), 2018
Place: University of Macao, Macao, China
Deadline to Submit Proposal: January 1, 2018

Ernest Boyer, former chancellor of the State University of New York, has once stressed the importance of both the “scholarship of discovery” and the “scholarship of application.” Similarly, Bendetto Croce has considered all history as contemporary. For that reason, the History Department at the University of Macao under the chairmanship of Professor Di Wang and the CHUS have decided to co-sponsor a conference early next summer, focusing on the theme of “The Imagined Community: Historical Link between Past China and Present China.” CHUS members and friends whose interests are in ancient China (sandai), imperial China (Qin to Qing), and 20th century China are welcome to apply. The conference organizers also do not have limits on fields of research. Topics on the evolution, change, or development of Chinese political, cultural, economic, legal, gender, religious, and intellectual history in early and modern periods are encouraged to submit their proposals. Interested historians, please submit your proposals to Dr. Qiang Fang ( Your paper proposal should include paper title, an abstract (no more than 250 words), a one-page C.V., and contact information (name, affiliation, position, mailing and email addresses).

The deadline for submitting individual proposals is January 1, 2018. Accepted proposals will be notified by the Department of History at the University of Macao and the CHUS. Our sponsor at the University of Macao will cover the expenses of lodging and food for CHUS attendees and other related fees during the conference. Any queries and expression of interest to attend the conference should be addressed to Dr. Qiang Fang (

会议论文征询: “想象中的社区:中国过去与现代之间的历史纽带”

主办单位: 澳门大学历史系
协办单位: 美国中国历史学家学会 (CHUS)
会议时间: 2018年5月20-31日之间(暂定)
会议地点: 澳门大学 (中国澳门)

纽约州立大学前任校长Ernest Boyer曾经特别强调学术研究的“发现”与“经世致用”的重要性。同样的, Bendetoo Croce也提到过一切历史都是现代史。秉承这一历史的意义,澳门大学历史系主任王笛教授与美国中国历史学家学会协商决定于2018年夏天联合举办一次有关中国历史的国际学术会议。会议主题是“想象中的社区:中国过去与现代之间的历史纽带”。兹诚挚邀请研究古代中国、帝制中国或者二十世纪中国历史的美国中国历史学家学会会员以及会友投稿参会。会议主办者对具体的论文题目没有限定,欢迎会员和会友提交任何有关早期和近代中国历史演变、性别、政治、法律、外交、宗教以及思想史等方面的论文。有意参加会议的历史学者,敬请将您的会议申请提交给方强博士;该申请应该包括论文题目、摘要(不超过250词)、一页的个人简历和联系方式(姓名、就职大学或学院、职称、通信地址和电子邮件)。

会议申请的截止日期为2018年1月1日。会议主办方澳门大学和美国中国历史学家学会之后会给被接受参会的学者发出邀请函。澳门大学历史系将负责会议期间的食宿和会务费用。如有疑问,请联系咨询方强博士( 。For brief introduction to and a short video on the University of Macao, please check and