From Dissertation to Print: Writing and Publishing the First Book

The endeavor of publishing a first monograph is often strewn with questions and uncertainties. In response, CHUS (Chinese Historians in the United States) has crafted an online workshop for young scholars who are eager to share their research with a broader audience. Our invited editor, Qin Higley, will provide an insider’s perspective on what publishing houses look for in a manuscript, and how to enhance the appeal of your academic work, and will shed light on the general time frame of the publication process. The two authors, Dr. En Li and Dr. Di Luo, will share their firsthand experiences, from refining their dissertations into appealing book manuscripts to choosing the right publishing house. They’ll offer insight into confronting potential challenges and gleaning invaluable lessons from their endeavors.

We aim to provide young scholars with a unique chance to understand the publishing process from both sides of the table, equipping them with the knowledge, insights, and encouragement essential for successfully publishing their first monographs.


Dr. Yi Ren